Rhodium Plating

To begin with, rhodium is a precious and rare element that is quite more expensive than gold. It is a member of the platinum group and Rhodium is highly reflective, silver hued and does not corrode or tarnish. Rhodium is high durable and quite harden than gold.

Rhodium Plating is applied to create a delicate white reflective appearance on jewelry. Rhodium Plating is applied to enhance the durability and luster of metals such as white gold and silver and creates shiny, smooth finish to jewelry.

Below you will find selections for rhodium plated jewelry,following the step of choosing “Material” on our website.


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925 Silver14K Gold18K Gold

↓ ↓ ↓

925 Silver Color14K Gold Color18K Gold Plat

↓ ↓ ↓

White Rhodium Plated 14K White Gold18K White Gold

Rhodium is plated using an electroplating process.

Rhodium Plating a Gold Piece

We apply rhodium plating on gold jewelry to change its color to white. Please bear in mind that as the rhodium plating begins to wear off, the yellow color that gold jewelry originally has start to bleed through although we apply ideal plating process.

Rhodium Plating a Sterling Silver Piece

Sterling silver does not require rhodium plating to acquire white color since it’s already a white metal; however, sterling silver tends to tarnish over time. Rhodium Plating Silver Jewelry will prevent this and ensure that the jewelry remains tarnish free for a long period of time and the jewelry is highly lustrous.

As the plating wears off over time, the white color of the sterling silver come through, but it wont be visible like gold.

Gold Plating

Gold plating is a process where a layer of gold is bonded onto a base metal. We apply 2 types of plating process in Kairos Jewelry,Rhodium and Gold Plating. Gold Plating is real gold and the purity of the gold we are using in plating process ranges just like solid gold. The lowest purity we are using is 14K and the highest is 18K gold. When it comes to gold plating process, the essential difference between 14K and 18K isthe color they produce rather than the value.We use higher purity of gold compared to 14K plating in 18K Gold Plating process; however, the cost does not change much regardless of the purity levels. In Rose Gold Plating process, 925 Sterling Silver is coated with a layer of rose gold through a chemical process. There are various karats of rose gold plated jewelry, in Kairos Jewelry 18 Karats of rose gold plating is applied which we believe gives the best look. Hamilton Gold is brass that is toned with gold, we coat Sterling Silver with this mixture in order to get this pleasant look.

Micron Gold Plating

We apply 1 micron gold plating to our jewelry. Micron gold plating is the process of implementing a fine layer of micron sized particles to a base metal (925 Sterling Silver) using an electrochemical process. The term refers to one micron thick and specifies the thickness of the coating.

Why Kairos Jewelry uses Micro Gold Plating Technique?

1- This process is tarnish resistant. Micron plating process is quite strong and prevents oxidation from occurring on the surface of our jewelry, restraining corrosion and tarnishing.

2- Micron plating sustains a bright luster, Kairos Jewelry micron plating process increase the brightness of sterling silver.

Below you will find selections for 1 micron gold plated jewelry, following the step of choosing “Material” on our website.


↓ ↓. ↓↓

925 Silver925 Silver925 Silver 925 Silver

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

925 Silver Color925 SilverColor925 SilverColor925 Silver Color

↓ ↓ ↓↓

Rose Gold Plated 14K Gold Plated18K Gold Plated Hamilton Color Gold Plated

Rose Gold

Rose gold is an alloy produced base metal from a combination of copper and pure gold. The mixture of the two metals shifts the color of the final jewelry and its karat. In Kairos Jewelry, the alloy of rose gold is 75% pure gold to 25% copper makes 18K rose gold, and 58.3% pure gold to 41.7% copper makes 14K rose gold.

Materials Materials


14K Gold                     18K Gold


14K Gold Color      18K Gold Color


14K Rose Gold        18K Rose Gold

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