The product line of Kairos Jewelry is great and has almost all major semi precious stones like Tourmaline, Blue Topaz, Amethyst , Garnet, Citrine and huge variety of other semi precious stones and semi precious stone beads.Our Gem Stone Department is capabale of providing semi precious stones in all sizes,shapes and cuts to our Production Facility.

Kairos Jewelry is known for great service, quality and reliance. We keep great stock of almost all gemstones for providing quick responce to our clients. We aim to supply best quality gemstones on time for complete customer satisfaction.

Natural Blue Topaz Gemstone

Natural Blue Topaz Gemstone is a kind of Topaz which is considered to be a gemstone of good health and abundance. It is a colored variety of the topaz. Topaz has diverse range of colors rich browns to charming pinks. Although each shade sparkle in its own right, the blue topaz has certified to shine brighter than the rest. Its valuable favourite of gemstone lovers. Note that Blue Topaz is December’s birthstone and its given on 16th wedding anniversaries.

Mineral: Topaz

Origins: Brazil, Russia, USA , China

Properties: Averts Sadness and Anger.

Birthstone: December

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Primary Color: Blue

Natural Citrine Gemstone

Citrine is a type of quartz. It has a color range from light yellow to reddish orange. Citrine’s incredible transparency promises a glistening appeal for splendid wearability in birthstone jewelry. Besides symbolizing happines , the natural citrine gemstone has birthstone meaning of vitality, health; prosperity and good fortune. Like Blue Topaz , its known to own a calming energy.


Origins: Brazil, Ural Mountains of Russia, Madagascar and France.

Properties:Promotes a balanced mood and absorbs temper.


Zodiac Sign: Aries

Primary Color: Yellow

Natural Garnet Gemstone

Known as the ``Gem of Faith`` , nobel garnet gemstone is associated with health, prosperity and peace. Garnet is a symbol of commitment and love .Famous for its red color , garnet comes in a breathtaking variety of colors, including yellows and fiery oranges, vivid green and even mysterious purple tones.

Origins: USA, Tanzania, Zimbabwe,Siberia, Sri Lanka

Properties:Tourmaline inspires a high level of productivity and creativity and also brings positive energies. It helps you cope with your inner chaos.


Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Primary Color: Red

Natural Peridot Gemstone

Peridot is a strong stone which symbolizes happiness , strength and good fortune. Its inspring connection to light, this green elegance is associated with clear thinking , and loads calm and sense of peace. Peridot provides delicate green tones such as yellow tinted green, lime green and deep olive green. Peridote can perform as your lucky birthstone as well/

Origins: China, Tanzania, USA, and Vietnam.

Properties: Peridot brings happiness and prosperity as it enhance creative powers and resuting reassurance gained from succes.


Zodiac Sign: Leo

Primary Color: Green

Natural Tourmaline Gemstone

Tourmaline Gemstone is a complex slicate , contains boron. Tourmaline displays greater range of colours than any other gemstone. Its name comes from the Sinhalese word ``turmali`` , the name given to all coloured crystals on Sri Lanka Island at 1600`s . This all inclusive name emphasizes the challenge of gem dealers to differentiate tourmaline gemstone from other gemstones.

Mineral:Complex Slicate

Origins: Brazil and Mozambique

Properties:Tourmaline Gemstone has a powerfull calming effect that will offer escape from stress.


Zodiac Sign: Libra

Primary Color: Tourmaline is available in more colours than any other stone.

Cubic Zirconia

Cubic Zirconia is a colorless,artificial gemstone composed by the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide.All colors of cubic zirconia in jewelry is lab created . Cubic Zirconia are generally described as ``simulated`` or ``fake`` diamonds; however, Cubic zirconias are not fake diamonds. Cubic Zirconias are not fake diamonds , they are simply another alternative, since they are a gemstone in their own right. Cubic zirconia is a durable stone that adds shine and sparkle to any jewelry design.

Mineral: Cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide.

Origins: Cubic Zirconia is synthetic , which means it is created in a laboratory.

Properties:Cubic Zirconia is believed to increase clarity, improve focus and release the ego.


Zodiac Sign: Taurus and Aries

Primary Color: The synthesized material is generally colorless, but may be produced in a variety of different colors.

Here are various cubic zirconia stones we provide

Aquamarine Cubic Zirconia

Ruby Cubic Zirconia

Emerald Cubic Zirconia

Sapphire Cubic Zirconia

Lavender Cubic Zirconia

Synthetic Sultanite

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