Kairos: a high-end jewelry manufacture organized for brilliance.

Since its founding in Istanbul in 2019, Kairos has always known how to surprise, innovate and reinvent itself. These high standards have contributed to its ascent in jewelry making, making Kairos one of the few facilitiesin Istanbul today with a Manufacture that allows control over the entire creative production process, end to end. Here’s a close-up look at Kairos’s high-precision production mechanism

Specialized in ladies jewelry, at Kairos we fully understand our clients' expectations and needs.Our main aim is to deliver best quality garments at a competitive price and on time.

From diamond and gemstone jewelry to our silver lines, everything is made with the utmost care.

Manufacturing professions lie at the heart of Kairos’s savoir-faire.

Here are the steps for successful production process

1-Design- Based on samples that our customers provide or original sketches that we amplify at our customers’ request.

2-CAD – CAD ( Computer Aided Design) models which minimize costs, maximize quality , and reflects your vision.

3-Production of Master (CNC) – Creation of Master using state of art Computer Numerical Control (CNC) 3D printing technology.

4-Production of Master (RP)- Production of Master using state of the art Rapid Prototype (RP) Kairos Jewelry 3D printing technology.

5-Wax- Wax models cautiously created and reviewed to guarantee item quality.

6-Casting- Casting with Gold&Silver that systematically exceed industry criterions for alloy

7-Filing- Filling with precision equipments to completly succed in the desired product shape.

8-Setting- Setting by talented craftsmen who succed in placing precipus stones efficiently and securely.

9-Polishing – Polishing through multiple steps in order to guarantee the ideal finish for every jewelry.

10-Plating- Plating with high end solutions well-tried daily for precious metal content.

11-Quality Control- Quality Control at every step, finalized by a terminal pre-shipment check

Kairos is always on the lookout for Eye-Catching Designs


Kairos Jewelry designers work on the latest software programs, giving them opportunity to create unique and fascinating projects efficiently. Kairos Jewelry has the abilty to design unique earrings, rings , pendants ,bracelets and plenty of other casting of jewelry components that our team can combine in various ways. Thanks to our team and our program, we can develop our customers’ desired collection super fast. Designing jewelry can be cosidered as difficult task, due to the way the each individual model is developed. Sterling Silver and Gold casting is not easy craft, where a lot of knowledge, eexperience artistic, aesthetic and manual skills are required. For sure, Karios Jewelry’s experience let our customers shorten the process itself from the technical side, but the vision,idea and inspiration are hard to measure and put into certain time frame. For that reason, to have a individual and new view, for certain cases designs are being created by at least few of designers. The designing is an on-going process. The trials,tests, correction and improvements are continuously carried out in Kairos Jewelry . Generally , improving a Project means several hours of study for several days, which are required to get cloeser with the initial design and make extra changes, if required. Later on this stage, Kairos Jewelry send the customer 3D visualization. If our customer is satisfied with the result , the model goes to print.

Start machining with integrated CAD/CAM


The next stage after the designing stage is the CAD/CAM stage. This stage involves the implication of CAD Software, CAD Software is a 2D and 3D computer aided program. CAD Software improves the quality and the dimensional quality of the design which is used by designers. This Software also enables the cresation of a database for production.Basically after the process of designing a concept finished by the designer, and its created on the paper, the stage of conversion of “design on paper” to the “ software system” is held through CAD Software. Literally, the CAD or CAM is a software responsible for the process of automating the manufacturing process.

How CNC machines help to create master models for casting in Kairos Jewelry ?

3-Production of Master (CNC)

Still metal casting is one of the most common procedure to manufacture jewelry, artisans tend to concentrate on developing the process of creating master models to quicken the process. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology is making the crucial splash in jewelry industry, , suggesting multitude of solutions to handicaps artisans are faced with. Manufacturers use CNC machines instead of hand carving pieces from wax. A wax copy of a jewelry produced with CNC technology gives producers ability to produce more precise and complex geometries compared to a hand carved material. For instance , carved details can be made before casting. Also CNC machines operate quicker but they would need a CAD file of an item to be produced


At Kairos Jewelry, great attention is given to each and every stage of production. Master mold making is delicate and crucial process and Kairos Jewelry has it down to a science.
In order to have the ultimate brilliance of fine jewelry, the details made in a craving are to be proceed in the silver master model. Silver Master Model sets the base for the entire procedure. Kairos Jewelry model creators are highly skilled gold smiths that can produce milgrain and other exquisite vintage elements on the master model giving the uniqueness and distinct in jewelry.

How Rapid Prototyping Is Transforming the Kairos Jewelry

4-Production of Master (RP)

Conventional jewelry design methods, such as drafting and hand drawing, are still existing practices used in jewelry manufacturing; however, Kairos Jewelry designers designers concentrate on CAD (Computer-aided design) software instruments to produce unique prototype due to couple of reasons. A bracelet, ring ,earring or any other form of jewelry piece can quickly be reproduced by jewelry prototype producers using a computer controlled manufacturing process in Kairos Jewelry. Although this method require extensive expertise, its easier and more efficient compared to traditional jewelry design methods. Listed below are a few benefifts of the set of processes in jewelry production.

-It enhances Customization
-It Cut downs manufacturing time.
-It minimizes the Risk of Errors
-It has Lower Cost

Wax can be shaped into nearly any form imaginable.


The next stage in jewelry production process is the manufacturing of wax pieces. Wax carving is an age-old tradition in jewelry production going back more than 6000 years.

Beginning with a lumb of jewellers wax; our talented artisans saw and file it down into the form he or she demands like a sculptor practising with stone. Processed wax piece is then sent to a caster to be cast in specified metal artisans want through the stage of losr wax casting.

The wax pieces are made from rubber moulds which are made of silver master. Waxing process involves implementing the rubber mould on the wax injector machine , afterwards pressure injected into the cavity to produce wax models. Wax models are then being used for casting process.

The wax pieces are being soldered on a wax stem , called “treeing”. Its the stage a spruce is attached to each wax piece, making approxiametly 45 degree angle with the stem. The bigger and heavier pieces are attached at he bottom of the tree , while the lighter and smaller items are attached at the top of the tree.


6-Jewelry Casting

Jewelry casting is an art form has been in existence for hundereds of years.

Since the time that human attained the skill to melt metal, goldsmiths have been pouring molten gold into cavities shaped in plaster, sand, stone and cuttlefish bone.

With the emergence of high frequency melting and a host of variety of other technologies, jewelry casting is more efficient and dynamic than ever in Kairos Jewelry.

To properly make a finished jewelry with jewelry casting, artisans must not only have Access to the required equipment and tools , but they must posses an knowledge of proper handling procedures to precious metal melting points. Incrementing the knowledge and experience required to properly engage in the casting process could take plenty of time , which is why people depend on the services offered by proffesional companies – like Kairos Jewelry.

Kairos Jewelry has acces to advanced technology and instruments to produce high quality reproductions direct from the created mold. Kairos Jewelry’s capability to acces this type of eqipment lets us assure that customers that purchase our jewelry will have high-quality, excellent finished products.

Experienced Gold &Silver Casting Jewelry Services From Kairos Jewelry

Gold and Silver is frequently the preffered metal of choice , whether you are producing reproduction of a front-runner piece of jewelry, a customized jewelry or a unique new piece for your jewelry store. The Gold &Silver casting jewelry services provided by Kairos Jewelry allow customers to create high quality pieces of jewelry.

Why Customers Rely on Kairos Jewelry with Casting Gold & Silver Services

Our customers all over the World rely on Kairos Jewelry to provide professional, excellent gold and silver casting jewelry services. Kairos Jewelry is a trusted company because of our great experience , use of the recent technology and equipment , and our personalized approach to client service.



The filling is the next crucial step involved in the jewelry manufacturing process. Under filling , the extra solder or metal is being ejected form the jewelry. Various tools like burns and files are being utilized to te get rid of casting and promising smooth finish. Later on , the process of assemnbling is caried out which is the process of combining components of same design applying laser technique and soldering technique.

Thereafter, the polishing is being applied to come up with a fine and neat finish and thus increasing the worth of the jewelry. There are 3 stages in the polishing stage,includes tumbling, pre polishing and finally ultra cleaning. Our customers should be aware that prior to diamond set, jewelry pieces bearing diamond, needs pre polishing, since once the diamonds are set below the area, the diamond portions can’t be polished, as it may risk the luster of the diamond.



The dramatic gemstones featured in most fine jewelry would be abondened, without the art of stone setting. Stone setting in and of itself is not the requested focus. The true objective is to present the stone in a way that most flatters it.

Kairos Jewelry master setters are confronted with the challenge of securing gem Stones and diamonds in the minimum invasive way. The aim to use least amount of material required to secure the gem.Our setters provide maximum durability while the jewelry is being worn.
Kairos Jewelry take it for granted that all of the glamarous sparklers in our jewelry stay in position. Our specialized team of jewelers practicing a lost art.

A high quality finish generates an irresistible , high value and professional piece of jewelry that sure enough stands out from the crowd.


Kairos artisans skilled at jewelry polishing use a wide array of hand held tools and machines to remove rustic or uneven surfaces form gold or silver.

Through years of experience our team develop jewelry polishing techniques that seem to brilliantly unlock the attractiveness of precious metal.

When all surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned and polishing is complete, our jeweler apply any chemical finishes such as rhodium plating. In summary, it is the artistic skills of our jewelry polishing team that brings out the lustrous finish and shine that make gold and silver so enamoring.

Plating is a complex and challenging process, so we know the significance of being professional in the process used to plate jewelry and how to check its quality.

The main objective of jewelry plating is to secure the base metal from tarnishing and to give the whole jewelry decorative qualities. In the case of silver jewelry,its crucial because silver in contact with airborne contaminants, specifically with sülfür compunds as time passes covered with brown, yellow and black coating.

Kairos Jewelry’s galvanic services allow us to secure the surface of our jewelry so can be used for a long period of time.

Rhodium plating of the jewelry gives our jewelry a lighter color than electrolytically palladium or platinum. A crucial benefit of rhodium is its high protection to sulfides, while siver jewelry can tarnish in the existence of these compunds. Our rhodium plated silver jewelry changes its color to a minimum level, and the applied coating is qualified by high hardness, which elevates the machanical resistance.

Kairos Jewelry’s Rhodium plated silver jewelry has a signature glow and high longecvity values , which is why many customers preffer Kairos Jewelry .

For anti-tarnish and decorative purposes, we plate our sterling silver jewelry in five color variants.:

-Gold 18K,
-Rose Gold 18K,
-Hamilton Gold 18K,
-Gold 14K,
-White rhodium plating

We apply a gold coating to a thickness around 0.5 microns in gold plating process. The color is subject to alloy composition of the performed coating. In the case of rose gold plating, copper is the component. Depends on the correlation it is possible to get a color from light pink to nearly red.

Yellow 14K and 18K gold plating gives a brilliant yellow color and a clear luster , which makes Kairos Jewelry’s gold plated 925 sterling silver jewelry a great alternative to more pricey jewelry produced entirely of gold.

In a world of mass production, it is extremely crucial in Kairos Jewelry that Quality Assurance is utilizedefficientlyto keep the quality of our jewelry consistent.

11- Quality Control

Sample testing and quality promise serve as reassurance for Kairos Jewelry. Retailer want to be sure that the jewelry they provide for their clients are high quality, top of the line. Quality Control is the backbone to our operation in Kairos Jewelry. Once production begins, and the products start to be turned out at a volüme too high to be controlled individually, qualitys standartsa are significantly harder to manage.

Large or small-scale, the quality of our customers’ producsts is Kairos Jewelry’s priority and while it may be rough, we only have one opportunity at a first impression with wholesalers and retailers; it’s crucial that our first impression is a favorable one.

Let’s go over our traditional steps and inspection points that the majority of leading jewelry retailer’s use in their quality control processes:

We’ll go over our traditional procedures and inspection points that Kairos Jewelry use in quality control process.

1. Pre-Production

Kairos Jewelry has involved with many online shopping networks and major retailers ,and used to go through selectively precise quality assurance procedures.

All our machinery searched and gone over for defects such as loose parts,damage or any other anomalies. If any aspect of our machinert are not up our customers’ standart, we replace or repair the machinery prior to initial product assembly.
2. Raw Material

Generally, the quality assurance process entails the inspection of any materials used in our jewelry pieces supplied by our vendors.

As stated by multiple retailers’ manuals and agreed requirements, our raw materials are subject to testing and are established with predetermined regulations between the vendor and buyer.

Materials such as gemstones in Kairos Jewelry must have a predetermined color, clarity, weight ,design and cut quality. Sometimes our retailer require us to submit forms stating the geographic mining location and origin of the gemstone or any other material used in our jewelry, as well as whether or not the stone we are using is natural, simulated or sytnhetic,etc.

If any gemstones in the whole jewelry line are realized to be insufficient or short of the negotiated specification, Kairoş Jewelry guarantees the return.

3. Testing and Specs
Kairos Jewelry has designed and continue to achieve plenty of test on its jewelry pieces as a means of evaluation; which includes tests in durability, strength, smoothness, thickness, functionality and examinations including chemical reations.

If our jewelry fail to pass certain thresholds and fail to meet any requirements , they will immediately demolished or returned to certain production line in order to be fixed. Kairos Jewelry specification sheet also include outlined expectations of craftmanship and emphasizes that any jewelry delivered to our customers should be devoid of scratches,tarnish,sharp edges, missing parts, maslabeling or incongruous pieces .

Kairos Jewelry Quality Control Team may even check certain pieces at up to 10 x magnification in order to discover whether or not our jewelry contain tarnish, scratches or any other defects.

4. Packaging

Finally , one of the last stage of assessment generally tends to be the client’s packaging. Almost all retailers not only expect packaging to be brfanded , they also expect packaging to cover threats such as compression and shock, and to restrain tarnish.

In Kairos Jewelry if a jewelery’s packaging does not satisfy the retailers expectations , again the product line is returned.

Most often, a retailer will have expected supplier for bags, boxes , foam pads and anti-tarnish strips to promise quality and uniformity between all their jewelry.

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