Custom Jewelry Design

Kairos Jewelry has the infrastructure,technology and expertise to provide our customers with wholesale jewelry designs or any other type of custom design work our customers ask.
When you decide to work with Kairos Jewelry, you are working with innovational , industry-leading Jeweler that leverages the newest advanced technology as well as long-established quality craftmanship to produce designs that are as striking as the precious Stones set in them.

Modeling – 3D designing

Kairos Jewelry has noticeable experience with modeling and designing 3D jewelry, in order to strengthen our offer and to built custom designs for our customers. Each of our customer has the opprtunity to catch their idea thanks to Kairos Jewelry 3D design service. Making gold and silver castings according to our client’s designs creates opportunity not only for increasing the assortment with new one of a kind designs , but also let them create one of a kind jewelry products for their end customers.
Our requirements for implementation of a jewelry design are not complicated. All we ask you to do is send us a drawing , photo or a explanation of your jewelry along with sizes and proportions.Kairos Jewelry designers create freehand sketches based on your data then create 3D model.


When you aggre with Kairos Jewelry to create custom jewelry designs, you will cooparate with a dedicated coordinator and a designer ( CAD ) who will be with you every step of the process. Whether you come up with a sketch , image or a sample, Kairos has the infrastructure,expertise and ability to see that image rendered in 3 Dimensions.

Kairos Jewelry has always been at the headway of the latest and sophisticated technology, including having privilidge to adopt computer aided modeling (CAM) and computer aided design (CAD). Our software and CAD designers let you to view a design of the jewelry from all angles. Design is then exercised by our (CAM) equipment to produce a 3 D wax prototype of the jewelry for review and approval by the customer and use in makind the mold for the final piece.

Kairos Jewelry’s CAD service can go from design to prototype in three days, meaning you will be able to visualize what the finished product will look like in short while. Our experienced team and modern technology guarantess you receive the best quality at the best price when you work with Kairos Jewelry for a custom jewelry.


Contact us for more details about how Kairos Jewelry can help you with the custom design process.

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