Exclusively housed in Istanbul and as well as in Miami, Kairos Jewelry is the leading jewelry manufacturer of 14K &18K Gold and 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry. Kairos Jewelry Istanbul Office is located at the heart of industry, offering high quality jewelry with reasonable prices for wholesalers and stores all over the world; while Kairos Jewelry Miami Office reaches US based buyers, connect with top stores, and seeks their satisfaction. Kairos Jewelry has a long tradition of Gold and Silver Jewelry innovation and high quality standards. The company continues to expand its jewelry line and services to meet customer needs.

Kairos Jewelry’s broad range of capabilities includes designing unique models, integrating production line and marketing and arranging exclusive service options for customers. Kairos Jewelry is organized into three business units: Jewelry Production Line; Gem Stone Supply & Store; and Marketing Services.

Gem Stone Supply & Storage Unit

Kairos Jewelry is a local gem stone supplier for its customers for many years. Today , the company supplies both faceted cut and cabochon cut tourmalines, blue topazes, garnets, citrines ,opals, amethysts, green quartzes ,turquoises and variety of gem stone bead strings. New gem stone supply efforts include corals and tanzanites. The company offers the most complete family of cut stones, and almost all popular standard size cut stones are stored and served. Working closely with stone cutters and mine owners, ensures customers have the opportunity to have wide range of gem stones with best prices. As the leading supplier in Istanbul for gem stones, Kairos is positioned to provide gem Stones for its own production line. Gem Stone Department delivers huge variety of demanded gem Stones to Kairos Jewelry production line.

Production Line

Creating jewelry is enchanting, complex and consist of several stages, which can take weeks even months. The time-consuming process of producing jewelry uses different techniques and technologies that require experience and specialized knowledge of many professionals. Production Department is an experienced unit providing leading solutions for the design, production, modification, support and service. Its experienced and talented team helps customers address their specific requirements. Production Department is seeking ways to better leverage production Technologies and continues to invest in the development of machinery. At Kairos, our talented jewelry producers conduct all of our gold and silver jewelry processing under one roof. This enables us lower our costs and makes it possible for us to offer customers superior-quality standards at unbeatable prices.

Morley, we offer a unique opportunity for our customers to design and create their jewelry that’s based on our customer’s imagination, sketch or a picture. If customers have a particular designs in their mind, we’re prepared and ready turn them into stunning jewelry. Simply contact us, and provide us your ideas.

Marketing Department

We value customer requests and opinions. Our marketing department aims to respond accurately, promptly and sincerely to feedbacks, and strives to satisfy each of our customer. Our team members who genuinely want to help our customers succeed and to pay rates that are attractive to talented professionals. Our team members thrive one on one interactions within our community and love problem solving; they are warm and approachable.


Kairos Jewelry LLC. objective is to maintain an ethical business that is sustainable and qualitative. The company’s vision is to ensure absolute customer satisfaciton consistently. This highlights that the company designs jewelry and offers pieces that are always in trend.

Kairos Jewelry LLC also projects itself as a feasible manufacturing facility that introduces quality with reasonable prices. The company embodies the idea of being efficient, yet trendy and responsive.

Kairos Jewelry LLC strives to protect the benefits of customers by producing and supplying products that enable customers to make prompt and convincing value out of them. 


The company’s mission is to supply global customers top quality jewelry that satisfy their aspirations and functional requirements. Also , Its goal is to improve its service where the company operates and sells its jewelry. Kairos Jewelry targets the business owners by wanting them to sell Kairos Jewelry products so that they can advance their business. 


A characteristic in every collection within the Kairos Jewelry Production, quality is the principal feature that sets the collections apart, inspiring it to enhance jewelry that are never less than impeccable.

The spirit of mastership in its purest and highest form drives the manufacturing process for the Kairos Jewelry. Its own code of perfection is linked to Turkish Jewelry Industry’s know-how, a distinctive characteristic across all the Kairos Jewelry’s iconic products.

Core Values

Kairos Jewelry core values include “ quality , functionality , hard work , and sustainability. “ Kairos Jewelry exercise these values as the guiding principles in its operations.

As a manufacturing company, Kairos Jewelry acknowledges the significance of updated with market demands.

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